Preliminary Agenda

Key Agenda

1st Day – 16 January, Zurich

Technology & Society

Regaining trust for crypto industry

FTX collapse – lessons learned

Regulatory tightening as risk and opportunity

Contagent risk and its mitigation

Stable coins 2.0


Ethereum's proof of stake shift and what's next

The evolution of Layer-2 scaling solutions

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) - fixing the trust

Web 3.0: digital identity and peer-to-peer communication systems

NFT: from art over fashion to record of anything on the blockchain

The state of Bitcoin mining

The lightning network update

Crypto technology in the banking sector


Global macro & crypto outlook 2023

Best Investment strategies during bear market

ESG compliant digital assets

Winners and losers of the crypto winter

Crypto Hedge funds: offering, performance and risk

Institutional move into crypto: where do we stand today

Crypto Investment Masterclass

4-hour-crash course on digital assets

How to invest in Bitcoin

What is safe custody and key security measures

Digital asset investments for wealth managers

Infrastructure and tools for asset managers

How to earn yield from staking


Society and Technology

How crypto can regain trust

Stakeholder capitalism vs. network state

How crypto can help to rebuild a nation’s infrastructure

State of central bank crypto currencies

Stable coins future in the world financial system

Bitcoin adoption by national states

Regulation and MiCA: Europe as the first mover

How bank will use crypto in 2030

2023 Award Сeremony

Award ceremony for top 10 global contributors of past year nominated in three categories



Regulation and society

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